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Family, Friends camping fun!

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Family of 4, Deaf parents with two hearing sons usually tagging with friends when camping out. We love traveling across America, looking forward another adventures once again. I personally grew up in Nor'Easter (Pennsylvania), my wife's from west (Nevada). Our family grew in Rochester, NY.
How I grew love in camping? My parents had old camper back in late 60's, usually gone to state park like Pymatuning state park, east coast seashore like Outer banks (OBX), never had boondock before, apparently my parents had no idea. When I start my family, we camp out using tent, it was okay, then rented pop up camper, not crazy about it, thats after dealing with hot beach and no AC, it was too much so I decided get travel trailer, bought cheap one, glad I went this way going around usa with 25 years old camper, man lots of tear and wear and lesson learned. I replaced it with much newer one.
Will share stories with you fellow boondockers whenever we meet you. I had intended boondock last year, only one night, thats it, that was in Texas. Im saving that story, LOL good one!

Favorite Boondocking Locations

Ghost towns would be interesting, at this moment there isn't any favorite spot but eventually we will find one. :)

Freedomcrusader's Pets

We have two dogs, usually they are quiet but gets barker sometimes whenever they get too exciting. They are Jack Russel Terrier, with daughter as JRT/Pug. I can't travel without them as they are part time service animals as they do alert us about surrounding.

Freedomcrusader's Rig

2014 Autumn Ridge by Starcraft 278BH (29.5 feet long) hauling by Ford Excursion 7.3L. No slide to deal with.

Photo Gallery

Family at Grand Canyon, breathtaking view! A must visit location!

Family faithfully stays together!

My family's first camping trip to the West, it in southeast of Hoover Dam.

Tahoe and Tinkerbell

Freedomcrusader's Home Town

Rochester, NY I would love to be host, however I couldnt advertise as if its open, I may allow in event of emergency like break from long travel or whatever issue may arise, it is not practical as camping. I hate to say no "All the time". I live in city, with area as if they are in suburban, I have limited spot for parking on side of our house and its gated as well, on street parking would be ok for a night or two, they are in alternative parking system. So, if you really need spot, let us know and we could figure out.

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Electrical, some construction, plumbing.

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Recommended by JeffDan1908
May 19, 2017

Very quiet and respectful visitors. Sometimes we forgot they were there! Not intrusive or demanding in any way. Happy to host them!