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July 2020

Contenental Divide Oasis

John was so welcoming!!! He showed us where to park, guided us in and showed us around. His place is truly an oasis!


July 2020

The extended family

After a beautiful drive on roads I'd never been on, it was so cool to have the host greeting us by the driveway entrance. Easy in easy out! But the Alpacas and the Pyrenes were the highlight. Loved the peaceful setting and gracious hospitality. Perfect combination for a solid night's sleep. Thank you for everything! I love making friends like this along my journey! Be well you two!


July 2020

The extended family

After a beautiful drive in roads I'd never been on, it was so cool to have the host greeting us by the druve


June 2020

Alpacas and Pyrenean Mountain Dogs

There's gold in them that hills! Pyrenean Mountain Dogs and Alpacas and in the generous hearts of the hosts! Thanks for a wonderful night. We enjoyed immensely! Over the top! Thank you and hopefully we'll see you again! God bless!


June 2020

Great Place!

We enjoyed our time at High Country Alpacas Ranch. They offered to fill our fresh water tank and we parked in the field down from the Alpacas. It was roomy and nice for a one night stay.


June 2020

Outstanding Experience

John and Carolyn are the super hero's of hosting!!! These guys really are the best, we were on run of bad luck that any RVer dreads.. until we arrived and John and Carolyn went out of their way to turn our luck around...I can't say thank you enough for their special brand of unmatched hospitality!!!

The ranch is also pretty awesome - seeing the habitat of the alpacas, friendly dog visits and spectacular views. Loved the store - what beautiful items made from alpaca wool.


May 2020

A great place in the middle of nowhere.

We never thought we would have so much fun doing nothing. The hosts were gracious and have an outstanding ranch. A simple quiet place to just relax. You will fall in love with the alpacas and if you don't know why they hum, just ask John.

If you are not a dog person this is not your place, but if you are, be prepared for an overload of dog joy. First off the dozen or so Great Pyreneans are a treat. The two outside dogs will stop by to see if everything is okay, all they want is a hug in return. Gentle beasts for sure. Then we just happened by at the best time, 14 Great Pyreneans puppies. A huge 10 on the cute meter and we already figured out which one will be the trouble maker. The house dog is a German Shepard named Angel who sticks close to home, but the total treat for us was a Heeler named George Harrison. He would lay in the shade under our rig and be waiting at our front door while breakfast was being made. Out of respect we never fed him, but we felt his love all the same.

Bottom line is that if you are ever near western New Mexico make sure you stop in and say hi to John & Carolyn and the crew of four legged ranch hands.


May 2020

Fourteen puppies and a big dog welcome

This was a quick stop, arriving around 5 and departing at 9:30 am the next day. John selected a choice spot that I only had to raise one side a couple of inches to make perfect and private. Lots of dogs and all friendly, not annoying in any way. In fact, I felt like the great pyrenees were protecting me as well as their alpacas. John's young nephew introduced me to the fourteen puppies - one litter - and I do appreciate mama as Mother's Day approaches. Alpacas are adorable and curious although not quite as friendly as their guard dogs. Quiet at night - heard coyotes at one point - and quiet in the am; so quiet I felt awkward stopping in to say goodbye. Goodbye and Thank you John and Carolyn. Be well.


October 2019

Alcapas every where

Very gracious hosts with a very beautiful Alcapa ranch. I highly recommend a stay at the ranch if you're in the area.


October 2019

Relaxing visit

Our hosts greeted us warmly and showed us to our lovely treed camping site. John was very knowledgeable and eager to chat. We enjoyed their dogs and alpacas and would recommend this location for anyone travelling in the area.


October 2019

Wish we’d had more time

Instantly hit it off with our hosts and their animals. Genuinely nice people, beautiful location and informative.


October 2019

Desert Fun

Late review—
Somehow our review from July got lost or I failed to do it. We stayed there over the 4th of July. They were very welcoming and we had a relaxing visit there. We were tired from some very hot sightseeing at Arches, and it was a relaxing rest to get ourselves back together.


June 2019

loved al-pack-of dogs (Alpacas too)

Kids want to move to this ranch! We loved the dogs and alpacas. So cute! Hosts shared information about the area and their operation that was fascinating to us all.
I wish we could have stayed longer. Maybe we’ll try to get back again.
Oh, and the high elevation gave way to amazing star gazing!


June 2019

Very interesting

Thank you for the wonderful experience of staying at your alpaca Ranch. Beautiful location and your dogs were absolutely amazing. George Harrison guarding power rig each night and waking up to him in the morning just forced me to start the day with a huge smile. I highly recommend staying at this location.


June 2019

Great People, Great Places, Great Animals!

Had a wonderful time with the hosts and their animals. Really enjoyed spending time with them learning about the alpacas on the farm and the history of the area. It is a very quiet laid back place to stay. We will definitely make a point to go back. We just love the alpaca socks we got at their store. This is a stop everyone should put on their list.


May 2019

Snow in the high country.

We knew weather could impact being able to reach destination. Carolyn and John warned us we might not be able to drive up to their farm, but we wanted to take the chance. Snow was not in the forecast, while it was beautiful watching snow fall, we were unable to reach the farm. We spent a quiet relaxing night at the base of their driveway. We hope to return on our next adventure west and spend time at the farm!


May 2019

Best Animals Ever

This was one of my favorite BW hosts so far. Great people, amazing animals and a very fun guest to hang with. Enjoyed myself so much. Will stay in touch. New friends😁


April 2019

Fun with John and Carolyn!

Wow what a fantastic experience we had at High Country Alpaca Farm. We had great conversation and quickly became friends. We loved the alpacas and all of the dogs. Our 2 dogs had fun with George Harrison ( Healer ) and Gordon Lightfoot ( Grat Pyrenees ). I would highly recommend everyone to plan a trip to the farm!


April 2019

Welcoming and friendly

We were made comfortably at home by the members and their friendly animals. We recommend the ranch to other boondockers.


April 2019

Great spot and hosts!

Thank you both, John and Carolyn, for the overnight camping spot and the warm conversation! I loved the dogs Gordy and BBQueen, and will enjoy the yarn from Carolyn’s shop. Gatsby already misses his pals.


March 2019

High Country Alpaca Ranch

What a wonderful stay for our 2nd Boondockers Welcome stay. They greeted us with a warm welcome and we truly felt we parted as friends. Loved seeing the alpacas, dogs, cats and chickens. We learned a lot about alpacas! We had lots of room and a relaxed evening. We will definitely visit again when we are in the area.


March 2019


What a fantastic place! John and Carolyn were so kind and gracious. The alpacas were great and the dogs! Such beautiful dogs. We had a great visit and bought a couple of pairs of Alpaca Socks. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon.


November 2018

Great hosts

Same feeling as last the last visit back in April. However, this time, George kept me awake many times during the night most likely to scare away any potential intruders (e.g. wildlife).


October 2018

Pleasant stay, friendly hosts.

Lovely country setting, hosts were very accommodating with several choices for parking. Loved the alpacas and all their dogs. We will definitely make this spot a option in our future travels.

GA Gypsies

September 2018

Wonderful Vist!

New Mexico’s motto is “Land of Enchantment”, and that very well could be the motto for High Country Alpaca Ranch. What an enchanting stay we had here. You could not be made to feel more welcome and at home than here. Our host quickly got us set up and told us to please look around and enjoy. Enjoy we did. The next morning we begged to help out with caring for the alpacas, and they obliged. So we took care of cleaning their pens (we were thrilled to be of some help). Afterwards we were given a tour of the barn and were introduced to the other farm animals. High Country Alpaca Ranch is indeed in high country. With an elevation of over 7,000 feel the air: clean, cool, dry and fresh. Thank you for such a wonderful visit.


September 2018

Wonderful people and place

We enjoyed very much our stay. The hosts let as feel at home,we had great conversations and left feeling we made friends for life.
Thank you.


August 2018

Alpaca Haven!!!

John and Carolyn were absolutely awesome people and hosts!! They were accommodating to our needs and even gave us a first hand glimpse at running an alpaca farm! If you’re looking for a place off the beaten path and a chance to relax, this is the place for you. FYI their is a charge of $10 a night for electric hookup if you need it, but you get that back in the fresh eggs Carolyn is able to provide, pending the chicken’s production and the 24 hour security provided by George the healer, who did not leave our side or our site the entire time we were there. He literally escorts you every where you go! We loved our stay and plan on returning next time we are in the area!


July 2018

Awesome Ranch - Awesome Hosts!

Couldn't have asked for a better place to stay! John and Carolyn were wonderful and extremely helpful hosts. The property was beautiful. Carolyn gave us some delicious farm fresh eggs from her hens upon arrival. John helped us with some electrical issues we had with our RV. They were there when we had questions, but also gave us our privacy. They even provided us with our very own guard dog for our stay, George Harrison!


May 2018

Awesome Hosts with a beautiful location

High Country Alpaca Ranch was a great place to unwind after a long days journey. We stayed two days and had a great time. The hosts have their own slice of heaven out here.


May 2018

Lots of room, alpacas and Pyrenees, and wonderful hosts, Carolyn and John. What could be better?

We loved our stay at High Country Alpaca Ranch. So sorry we had to rush away since both Jill and the RV needed doctors today. When you go, plan to sit and stay awhile. Don’t miss the alpaca feeding time like we unfortunately had to. John and Carolyn are such great hosts. They put the “H” in hospitality. Also, be sure to buy some of Carolyn’s fresh eggs. They may well be the best eggs you ever tasted.


April 2018

Great place, fantastic view and sooooo quiet

If you love silence, High Country Apalca Ranch is the place to stop. Carolyn and John gave me a very warm welcome. Their farm is quite interesting to see. Thanks for the eggs.


April 2018


Even if the ranch is out of your way, you should definitely make time to visit here.
The hosts are incredibly generous, kind, and funny! I really loved my time getting to know them. Not only did they allow me to help on the farm where I learned many new things, but I even enjoyed home cooked meals with them.
There is tons of space for multiple rigs & the Wi-Fi was so great that I was able to video chat with no problems.
The alpacas (& llama) are hilarious and I became great friends with their dogs :)
I can't wait to come back!!


April 2018

Best. Host. Ever.

This is the best location I’ve stayed at yet. Friendly hosts, tons of animals, fast wifi, cool location, beautiful stars, and free eggs. When can I come back?


March 2018

Fun and work at High Country

Great stay with a sweet couple that raises alpacas. Carolyn showed us our spot and we got settled in super easily. John came by to check on us and for a little chat before we got to some work we both had due.

We hiked up to the top of the hill in the morning, which was some nice exercise. Damien did some drone footage before we hiked back down.

Before leaving, we visited the alpacas a bit and shopped at the store on site. Carolyn even gave us some fresh eggs to take with us.

Such a fun stay! Thank you both for your hospitality.