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3 person family PLUS farm animals

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We are a 3-person family. My son and I were alone until we met current Hubby and married in 2007. We finally moved to our dream home in 2010, so now we have chickens, turkeys and goats. Each Summer, we have lots of farm animal babies!

In 2011, my son was diagnosed with autism and shortly after had his first grand mal (tonic clonic) seizure which led to a diagnosis of epilepsy. It progressed so much, we couldn't leave home because of the four different kind of seizures. He had two brain surgeries in May 2013, taking out the rt occipital lobe, his rt hippocampus, a tumor, and part of the rt frontal lobe. He is now 1/4 blind in each eye, has troubles walking and talking, and with memory. But his seizures are partly gone!!

We homeschool, although he lost most of his learning from the surgery. He is biologically 17 but mentally 10 years old. We have two dogs who help to mitigate his autistic meltdowns. He loves fresh fruit and raw veggies, and drowns his cereal with our raw goat milk. Eggs and cheese are a favorite meal. His passion is movies and movie trivia, likes cartoons and other younger-kid things.

I'm disabled and am waiting for knee surgeries, so I don't get around very well. I do as much as I can, and do all the planning for crops and finances and such. I write fiction and nonfiction when I can, to help a little with finances. Hubby works full time but helps out as much as he can here. He's lactose intolerant which is why we have goats.

We have an orchard STARTED but have lots more to plant. We plant lots of tomatoes, cucumbers, non Gmo corn, sunflowers, squash, watermelons, peppers and much more. Might even throw in some pumpkins! People love my flavored farmers cheese (avaiable only to guests and friends). Our eggs have beautiful orange yolks.

If you are here for more than a day or two, we do ask that in exchange for your boondocking space, you help with farm chores like milking the goat, making cheese, collecting eggs, building things, planting things, and growing food. We ask for less than an hour or so a day, poss more on weekends, and that'll get you your space AND farm food!

Great view of the Rocky Mountains. Fresh air. Fresh food. Neighborhood kids. Giant movie room my son got from Make-a-Wish. Come stay with us!

Skills & Expertise to Share

I make bread, farmer's cheese, and put up dehydrated and canned produce from the garden. We can can together! I write, blog and homeschool.

Favorite Boondocking Locations

We're tied to the farmette; can't boondock. YET! But we are planning to leave the farmette in 2015 for many trips to see the country. Would love to hear about YOUR travels!

Vikki in CO's Hometown

We live in a tiny subdivision out in the country. We have a single convenience store that makes pizzas and hot sandwiches. There is a church here too. PLUS, you can't get here without seeing ... horses, cows, yaks and sheep.

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