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Age: 55-65

Member since January 2021

We are multi generational farmers and more, Warren & Alice gen5 current owners

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Scroll down through it all to get info on THE entrance to use, exits, dogs, sites, electric, wifi, blog posts, etc
We are usually NOT available right when you pull in so these directions are so you can find a spot quickly without waiting for us or us having to move you later, ugh. It might keep you from rig damage, having to unhook or snarling parking lot traffic as well.
Please do NOT ask store employees, they DON'T know about RV stays. Really, they don't.
Txt Warren with questions AFTER reading all of this AND looking at the PROFILE PICTURE
OUR PROFILE PICTURE IS A MAP YOU NEED TO REFERENCE ! If you can't blow it up txt Warren for a better version. The directions here will be more up-to date than the map. We continue to improve and it takes me longer to redo the map than change these words.
Please use the reservation system, It keeps track of availability. Even for last minute requests. Use it for cancellations as well. Please NO confirmations, NO call aheads, no cancellation calls, the reservation system works great for all that. With as many as 8 rigs per night visiting, please understand we are busy farming. Extra time with RV arrangements may take away from our family and our sleep. So this material answers most questions. Please TXT Warren the rest because tractor noise means I don't hear the phone ring. This may seem harsh on the 95% of you that understand. Please don't be in the 5% This ultimately helps all of us.

8 minutes from I90
16 minutes from I81 downtown Syracuse
8 pm is NOT a hard arrival cut off time, we may not be around so it may be really self service.
As for last minute requests, we almost always have room, the parking lot is available as well just understand most days we open at 8 so you may need to reposition at 8. Check the map profile picture and the site descriptions below.

From time to time people ask what they can do to help, (we like your kind) we have lots of visitors to the farm and not all of them are Harvest Host or Boondockers Welcome caliber people. They leave their trash were ever, when ever, so if when you are out walking you dog or exploring the farm, random litter pick up is much appreciated.

Dog Owners, we have 3 ourselves so please !
email only a picture of your rabies vaccination with DOG only as the subject to [email protected]
inside a food establishment (market, cidermill)
in and around the petting farm animals
in any of the crop areas (apples, cherries, berries etc)
clean up after them !
We don't allow customers to bring dogs past the parking lot so to be fair and consistent please note on the east or Syracuse side of the buildings are parking and pasture paddocks (not the one with horses in it) that you can take your dogs to exercise etc.

We do not have a way to reserve specific sites. It is generally first come first serve. Exceptions are Boondockers staying over the weekend during September and October please see or txt Warren for site selection. We try and put you in front of the barns to keep you out of the daily pedestrian crowd. We have added a few spots to accommodate more of you simultaneously.

Please use sites that fit your rig and your stay, if you are towing a popup, save the 50amp sites for bigger rigs. We have several sites with electricity for a reimbursement based on your rv plug or us, whichever is smaller, 15a $5, 30a $10, 50a $15, give to any Abbott you see. Muffled Generators are usually ok especially for big rigs in sites 2 and 3 and 5b,c,d,e,f,g,etc (there is a lot of room out there). Chlorinated potable water is available to fill tanks on south west corner of Market building (come in the "EXIT ONLY" entrance E and pull up close to the west side of store). Other water sources may not be potable. Dumping is available if you have a macerator pump and 50' of hose. We suggest a $5 donation for dumping and water fills. (we want to make it easier but it takes $)
DO NOT USE B FOR IN OR OUT RED X on the map, most of you will tail drag or worse
The trees are now trimmed up for you big rigs 6/20/21
C is middle of the 5 driveways on RT 370
C ALMOST TOUCHES THE FARMHOUSE. REALLY! It's 18 inches from the house
EXIT A or F keeps the traffic one way
If you are wondering about A, B, C and F and what about D and E, you have not looked at the profile picture yet, :-)
2. Bare LEFT of the flower garden
3. Temporarily park next to Henhouse and PigPen (white AL signs) while you scout a spot.
4. When you continue driving, head towards spot 6 unless parking in 4 or 8. 4 is NOT drive through, RED X
PARK ON THE DRIVEWAY The site spot is usually right on the driveway NOT the grass.
Txt If you need an extension cord or convertor we may have one for you.
Some of the 15amp runs are long, and you will need help finding them :-) and I am happy to help with the harder stuff.

Site 1 Big rig capable 50amp, shade, exit out A. Pro is the view, Con near the road. We like this site for Boondockers Welcome people staying more than 2 days. Good site for 2 rigs caravaning together as long as 2nd rig is ok with 15amp power.

Site 2a & b Big rig capable 15amp, full sun , exit out A. Pro is the view, Con near the road. not available when we are using fest parking lot, weekends, 9am-5pm, because its the main entrance. Power is out of the old roadside stand or off the fuel tanks or both if 2 rigs are together. Good site for 2 rigs caravaning together.

Site 3a,b by the big rocks and Bounce Pillow, either side of the road or both. There is 15amp (20a breaker) by the rock on the south side, or on the bounce pillow fence on the north side, on the grass is ok for site 3 9-5 during a fest not available. Good site for 2 rigs caravaning together.

4 is by the orchard and one of the playground areas. It is NOT drive through when the horse fence is up. RED X 15amp (20a breaker) over by the grain bin 9-5 during a fest not available

5 is in the big parking lot/horse pasture 30 amp 240volt on a 50 amp plug at the North East corner of the bounce pillow. Access off driveway F, grass on very hard ground but might be greasy in the rain. We suggest parking headed out so if it rains while you are here, down hill exit is easy. We like this site for Boondockers Welcome people staying more than 2 days during the week. Lots of room for several self contained rigs. 9-5 during a fest not available

6 Big rig capable close along the side of 100' building 50amp, no shade, exit out A or F. Pro is its not near the road, Con not so much view 9-5 during a fest or during a wedding not available Good site for 2 rigs caravaning together when paired with 7. Park as close to the building as the cut out allows. Leave the drive between 6 and 7 open please.

7 Big rig capable close along the side of a building, (appears to be grass, but is gravel underneath) 15amp (20a breaker) out of barn (could be a 50amp site if you have an extension) 9-5 during a fest or during a wedding not available, Good site for 2 rigs caravaning together when paired with 6. Leave the drive between 6 and 7 open please

8 BACK IN site, pull up along wood pile and then back up the hill around the corner between the grain bin and the building on concrete pad, 50,30 or 15amp site Small A or B and C rigs, trailers as well if your driving skills are up to it. Slide outs work if you center correctly for your rig. Not available if there is a wedding in the barn. Otherwise this site is available even on fest days as it is out of the way. Not much view but in the middle of it all and lots of electric. We like this site for Boondockers Welcome people staying more than 2 days.

9 is in front of the old wooden tool shed before the fuel tanks, 15amp from the fuel tanks, often used by us to park stuff (working on that) Works on a fest day, as its out of the way but view is poor We have a 9b now with 50amps available as well.

10 is in the back yard by the barn, 30 and 50amp, usually saved for family friends, 9-5 during a fest not available. Best entrance exception, F or E.

11 is off grid at the gun range view of nature is awesome, no power, might be loud during the day :-) Private when the corn is tall. Good site for rigs caravaning together. needs extra directions from warren and you need to check it out first to see about maneuvering room and the hill, if you need room to turn around then you have to go down THE hill. Drive way is on Hicks rd 100ft north of the light at 7706 Hicks rd on Google or 43.14256636601473, -76.27785378268284 It is between the house on the corner and the field.

12 is in the blueberry field, no power, Good site for rigs caravaning together. Pot holes on the way in, slow people down by the neighbors. Farm Driveway is across from Perryville Rd 43.13422309267704, -76.28394925480535

13 Pasture paddock 3, grass, 15 amp if site 5 is only using 15 or 30 at 120v.

finally we have some and it will be growing. Sorry they are not meshed together yet, so each one requires a password
Farmhouse guest up to 70mbps
Abbott Island guest up to 25mbps
Cidermill guest up to 70mbps
Farm Store guest up to 130mbps
They are all inside metal buildings so if you are out side check by a window !
PassWord is snapdragon

Warren 315-727-8347

This is a 5th generation farm. Read our history below. Ice cream, u-pick apples, berries, honey, maple syrup, produce, cheese, fruit jams, pickles, bakery, fudge, beef, cider press, pumpkins, and so much more! We have a corn maze, bouncing pillow, self-guided tours. Strawberries in June, Raspberries, Sweet Cherries and Blueberries in July, Blueberries and Apples in August. Sweet Cider and Apples in September and we ad Pumpkins in October. Fall festivals in Sept & Oct and other festivals throughout the year. During festivals, we have food available.

Abbott Farms Wine & Cidery is a New York State farm winery and is part of Abbott Farms in Baldwinsville. We specialize in small batch hard ciders made from apples and fruit grown on site. We invite you to experience the different tastes we have fun creating new ciders.

Warren Abbott, CEO, CFO, and all-around techhead, leads the farm. He graduated from Purdue University in 1987 with a BS in Agricultural Economics burning a hole in his pocket. He always said he went to school for three people (himself, his dad and mom) because they all valued continuing education and new ventures. Warren’s vision was for a profitable grain crop farm joined with a fall U-picking operation that would engage the residential population in Greater Baldwinsville. Over time, his vision for the farm has evolved into a full-season U-pick and entertainment destination. When Warren is not being husband or farmer he is a firearms instructor.

Warren stole Alice out of New Jersey. Alice is the Farm General manager with a long history in management and customer service. She has owned three hair salons and still styles at home by appointment.
[email protected]

Windsor Abbott is the fourth generation of Abbotts to farm here. He spearheaded the change from dairy production to crops in 1964. He was the innovative purchaser of welders, front-end loaders, red equipment, and strategic land. He still works 60-hour weeks running equipment, fine-tuning systems, and contributing expertise to projects and decisions.

Nancy Abbott hand-picked Windsor for her husband — in the third grade! He stole the erasers off her pencils; she smiled; and started to pray she would marry him in 5th grade, and the rest is history. She graduated from Cornell with a Home Economics degree in 1956. She taught school locally for a few years, then opened a roadside stand to sell Abbott apples and potatoes. She started the first school tours on the farm.

Warren 315-727-8347

Blog Posts, feel free to send us a link if you post about your visit and we can put them here

Skills & Expertise to Share

Farming means a very wide practical skill set. From welding to fiber optics.

AbbottFarms's Pets

3 dogs at home and a petting barnyard at the farm, chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep, horses
but we rv with just the dogs.... :-)

Favorite Boondocking Locations

Adirondacks of NY

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Baldwinsville NY


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2012 Keystone Passport 2910BH 2001 red suburban 2500

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  • Travels with pets
  • Prefers an electric hookup
  • Has slideouts
  • Needs to run a generator

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Baldwinsville, NY, US
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July 2021

Great Guests

Very easy going and knowledgeable campers. Much enjoyed having them on the driveway for a couple days. Would definitely have them back again.

References from Guests (28)


September 2021


Our stay at Abbott's Farm was just delightful. The Abbott's are a wonderful family and really have put a lot of effort into making their Farm well organized for Boondockers.


September 2021

Lovely place

This was a wonderful place to stop for the evening and night. There is a store that sells homemade baked goods, which were wonderful. You can visit the chickens and pig and watch the goats play. The message boards on the home and buildings give a brief history of the grounds.


September 2021

Great stay

Lots of stuff to see on the property. It’s quite cute. It was quiet too. We drove to a few nearby falls (Pratt’s, Delphi, and Chittenango) which were absolutely worth seeing.


September 2021


We couldn't have enjoyed our stay more!

Very busy family farm with corn fields, apple trees, plum trees, pumpkins, sunflowers and blueberries. It's amazing how many different operations they have going on at the same time with very, very few people working. They have worked hard year after year to keep this farm operational and have had to continue to reinvent how they farm. So impressed with their fortitude, especially with the craziness going on in the world right now.

The owners are always working on something! They have festivals, animals, a market with fresh baked goods and all the goods from their farm. The best part is that families with young children can come and visit this five generation farm, learn about farming, animals and play at the same time. It was great seeing all the little ones have such a good time, as well as the adults!

Although the family is very busy, they took a few minutes here and there to talk with us. We thoroughly enjoyed elder Abbott working the farm with the tractor. Started first thing in the morning and didn't quit until after dark. He ALWAYS has a smile on his face and ALWAYS waved at us whether we were looking or not. He spoke with us (while working at 8:30pm) our last night there. Such a sweet, gentle man. My husband said he should write a book about his life. He has five lifetimes to share about his life and anyone would be amazed.

Thank you, Abbott Farms, for sharing your amazing family with us!

All the best to you!!


August 2021

Great farm, hosts, and food

What a nice place! The farm was having their first ever Sunflower Festival and were very busy but made time to check on, help and have wonderful conversations with us. We give them FIVE STARS!!! Great experience. Property was just as described. Map and details are pretty right now. It helps a lot to read and have printed out. Peaceful and Pleasant! Thanks Abbott Family!


August 2021

Fabulous place

We truly enjoyed our stay at Abbotts Farm the Site was perfect tucked between one of the many barns and a silo on a cement pad with electric located right in the middle of everything we enjoyed the Sunflower Festval the store has so many unique things the hosts were so welcoming completely loved meeting the farms matriarch she shared a huge amount of very interesting facts about the farm with us looking very forward to staying again waking up to the sounds of the goats was pretty neat 😀


August 2021

Have to try the ice cream !

We stayed for 4 nights hooked up to 50amps under a row of trees. Was perfect for our rig.
We had a chance to chat with W & N the owners of the farm. We really enjoyed our time chatting with them. They gave us history about the area and farm. The store is well stocked with homemade goodies and awesome ice cream. It was a wonderful place for us to rest for a few days. Thank you W&N god bless and hope to see you again next time we are in the area.


August 2021

Great time at the farm!

Multigenerational farm just outside of town helping to connect folks with the land and animals. Various events held during our stay. Visit the market for treats - don’t miss the amazing blueberry pie. We especially enjoyed chatting with the hosts (2 generations) when they weren’t too busy with all the farm work. Animals too - we enjoyed the goats!


August 2021

Authentic Working Farm

We were delayed by a day so only able to stay two nights - but what a special place! We loved our stay here! Didn’t get an opportunity to meet the hosts as there was a Blueberry Festival happening however we did meet the parents who were both lovely & kind people. We stopped in to the market for blueberry scones, short bread, salsa, preserves and enjoyed the cider! I had the raspberry cider - it was delicious and my husband had the dry, he enjoyed that as well! Spent two quiet safe nights under the beautiful tree’s next to the farm house. We hope to pass this way again sometime!


August 2021

Nice, quite stay on a farm

We had a great couple of nights here.


July 2021

Very Nice People

These people are feeding and providing produce for the rest of us and they are to be commended. We stayed on the Abbotts farm for 5 nights and loved every minute of it. They were more than accommodating and had multiple locations to park depending on our needs. The amenities on site include farm yard animals, children's play areas and a fresh produce store. Make no mistake, this is a working farm with emphasis on working. If you want to experience real farm life for a couple of days, this is the place.


July 2021

So much fun!

U pick berries, fun goats and cute sheep to pet, a great little farm market (definitely try the pie)...and more...all just a stroll away. Amazing. Definitely take the opportunity to stay here, and see if you can meet some of the really lovely and generous family. You can't go wrong.


July 2021

Delightful Stay

We found a vacant spot easily. Quiet stay. Spent way to much in the deluxe farm store. :-)


July 2021

Wonderful stay!

Great farm with friendly folks. Fun stuff for the kids to do. Farm store to pick up berries, eggs, meats, milk, cheeses, and many other delicious and fun items.


July 2021

Relaxing down on the Farm

Stayed three nights at Abbott Farms. Great location between the barn and silo. Very interesting hearing the history of the Abbott Family from the owner’s Aunt. Beautiful property. Thanks for letting my stay on your property.


July 2021

I spent 2 nights at Abbott Farms and didn't want to leave!

Abbott Farms is a beautiful farm with so much to do and see! The hosts were so warm, friendly, and helpful, and I had the opportunity to pick raspberries and tour the apple grove. There is a store on the farm that sells local foods and crafts, delicious baked goods, and fantastic ice cream! It was like visiting with family!


July 2021

On the farm

Conveniently located and easy to access. Looking at their map photo is hard to read by phone, advance review is recommended.
Bought some goodies from the store, grass fed beef to sweets. Nice spot!


July 2021

Nice Working Farm

Nice place. They kept us in 50 Amp the whole time, though we did have to move once because of an event, it was no big deal. It is a working farm, but it's still pretty quiet and they don't bother you.

Plenty for kids to do, good shade. Nice little country store on the side.


July 2021

Peaceful orchard-side stay

We received a warn welcome from the elders and chose a peaceful spot to stay near the cherry orchard and the horses. We didn't use any hook ups so it was true boondocking. I would recommend this host to anyone, big rigs or small.


July 2021


We stayed 4 nights at Abbots Farm as we had multiple medical appointments at Syracuse which was only 15 min away.
We definitely recommend and will return in the future
We also enjoyed the store they have filled with local produce, ice cream, cheese, bakery goods, fresh farm vegetables and delicious beef!
Thank you for your hospitality
Missy and Rodney


June 2021

Stayed 2 nights

The kids absolutely loved the slides, animals and ice cream! The Abbott family is super friendly. We met the owners and a couple others. It was quiet at night and just what we expected.


June 2021

Would definitely stay again!

Quiet place to rest. The kids loved the farm animals, especially feeding the goats. They had lots of fun on the tunnel slides. We enjoyed the store and ice cream. If we are back through there we would stay again.


June 2021

Lovely Farm

While our stay was short, we really enjoyed the farm. It was peaceful and quiet and they have a small market where they sell pantry items, milk and farm fresh eggs, and ice cream. The hosts were very friendly and welcoming. We enjoyed talking about the farm and the crops they grow. Great place for families!


June 2021

Great stay

Very interesting venue and lots of room where they parked us. Would certainly do it again.


June 2021

Wonderful farm with plenty of spots

This was a perfect place for a stopover near Syracuse. The host was very responsive when we had questions. There are many spots to choose from with lots of space. We have a 38' travel trailer and had no issues. The kids loved all the animals and the kids play area. It was only about 10 minutes to shopping, restaurants and grocery stores.


May 2021

Cute farm close to syracuse

Had a quiet peaceful last night in NY here!


April 2021

Great Stay

Host was great and easy to get a hold of. Plenty of room to maneuver the Travel trailer into the campsite at the farm.


April 2021

Wonderful farm

I had a wonderful stay at Abbott Farms. They have a great market to shop at and a number of different spots to park. The host were responsive, kind and very helpful.