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I'm a tad past 60. Retired pediatrician but active acupuncturist. I'm a bit beat up from working with horses and large dogs, but since I came by it honestly I try not to complain about the joints. The ones that hurt like hell. I've had some wonderful times all over the country hauling horses. I graduated from a GMC Suburban with a bumper hitch stock trailer on behind to a Dodge 3/4 ton diesel with a Sundowner 3-horse gooseneck with full living quarters, camping all over the place from high deserts, mountain pastures (watch out for the bulls!) to a fairgrounds in Nebraska where I found out what a tornado looks like up close and personal. I thought for sure we would wake up in Kansas but other than knocking things around a little and scaring the horses to death, nothing bad happened. It must have been a really small tornado. Not recommended.

I hauled a horse, two dogs, and my mother from Utah to North Carolina. Horse campers have their own network, so we found beautiful places all across the country where I could let my horse out in a corral, park the rig, and maybe be treated to some tasty elk steaks by the host(ess). On the other hand, I have had to exercise the horse in a Walmart parking lot or two!

No more horses, no more job, no more obligations--just an itch to get rolling again. So I just bought a Roadtrek 190P. Haven't picked it up yet, as we're in the middle of the winter-storm-and-arctic-blast part of the year, but I'm boning up on horse-less RVing and I am having trouble keeping myself from running around going "Vvvrroom, vvvrrooom!!!" Luckily I live alone, with no neighbors, so if I lose control no one will be the wiser.

One thing I have to ask right away, since it became an issue when stuck in Southern Utah during a protracted sandstorm, with a teenage girl on board: what do other people do with their blackwater when boondocking for long periods of time? I never did get the stink out of mine after that difficult week. To tell you the truth, if I'm somewhere off the road I rarely use the camper toilet. Of course I observe proper wilderness sanitation. do y'all deal with the tank situation?

Thanks. That's like, a great way to introduce myself, but I want to hear from y'all.

All the best,


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