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Age: 30-45

Member since January 2019

2 adults, 2 kids, 3 cats

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A laid-back, nature-loving family who started our full-time adventures in October 2018. We chronical our journeys on Facebook and Instagram @wandering.with.the.wrights (feel free to follow along with us). We spent 10 months in Texas last year at the National RV Training Academy training to become RV Inspectors and Technicians. We have recently launched our mother-daughter RV Services business Do It Wright RV Services (@doitwrightrv)! We love boondocking and meeting new and interesting people along the way.

Skills & Expertise to Share

Mobile RV Technicians, RV Inspectors, Marketing, web design, photography

Wandering.with.the.Wrights's Pets

2 chubby, lazy house kitties, and one rambunctious kitten (all stay indoors).

Favorite Boondocking Locations

None yet

Wandering.with.the.Wrights's Hometown

Northern KY and Texas


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Escapees Member

Wandering.with.the.Wrights's Guest Details

Wandering.with.the.Wrights's Rig

Rig Type: Class C

31 feet long

1994 Fleetwood Jamboree Rallye. Driving a 2017 Chevy Cruze behind

Wandering.with.the.Wrights's Travel Preferences

  • Has a tow vehicle
  • Travels with pets
  • Travels with kids, ages: 5 and 17
  • Prefers an electric hookup
  • Needs to run a generator

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June 2021

Very Respectful Guests

We were glad we were able to accommodate these Boondockers Welcome guests at Candy Cane Corral for a peaceful overnight rest. We look forward to return visits when we have more time to really get acquainted. We wish them Godspeed and safe travels as they return home to Ky to begin their big overhaul project.


December 2020


WANDERING.WITH.THE.WRIGHTS has become our adopted RV family as we have gotten to know them well during their enforced, extended stay with us due to a "phantom" maintenance glitch with their RV. They are very pleasant, super helpful and a delight to have around. Their engine power loss problem was finally solved by sending their coach's instrument panel off to WA state for a complete rebuild and reinstall. Who would have ever guessed! Anyway, after a complete disruption of their travel plans, they got back on the road, heading home to Texas after canceling the remainder of their planned trip. They are tentatively planning a return during the summer of 2021, a visit to which we are looking forward! Needless to say, they are welcome at SPAGHETTI'S ROOST anytime! Becky & George


October 2020


APRILJENNW has just received word that their long-time, family pet cat, which was lost in Cincinnati, was recovered. Since their Class C Ford instrument panel was up in Tacoma being rebuilt, they jumped into their car and headed for same, just returning late last night, 10/18. WOW!! That is one fortunate cat to have them as owners! WE TAKE OUR HATS OFF TO THEM FOR THEIR DEVOTION TO THEIR PET!! They have returned just in time to experience some cold weather and, perhaps, snow! Becky & George


October 2020


APRILJENNW is scheduled to receive their rebuilt dashboard instrument panel any day now in hopes that it will prove to be the "SILVER BULLET" with respect to the solution to their power problem as it is part of the "speed sensor input to the transmission"! They are becoming quietly desperate to head back home to Texas. Becky and I wish them the best!! Becky & George


October 2020


APRILJENNW has removed the instrument panel and sent it off to one of two rebuilders in North America, a shop in Tacoma, WA, who will have it back to them in a week. Apparently, this is a common problem with Ford instrument panels of the early to middle 1990's. Additionally, their cruise control had ceased to function! DUH!! Speedometer input!! Anyway, all have high hopes that the problem has finally been solved as we await the return of their instrument panel for reinstallation into their coach. Since Becky and I own a similar era Ford Pace Arrow Class A, we are now alerted to another weird problem that we may encounter, the first being that era's fuel pump being very susceptible to vapor locking, a problem that we both have solved by installing the redesigned newer submerged fuel pumps into our respective vehicles. The saga continues!! Becky & george


October 2020


APRILJENNW has been advised by the Ford mechanic to have their transmission re-evaluated by a transmission expert here in Cheyenne. Having done so, the new transmission has been pronounced healthy with the speed sensor input to the transmission now being suspect. That input has two elements, the speedometer input to the speed sensor and the speed sensor itself. The first test drive went flawlessly, of course!! The second test drive with the OBD readout attached resulted in the problem resurfacing - power loss! The "bigger hammer theory" of maintenance troubleshooting - a fist blow to the instrument panel - resulted in a momentary correcting of the problem. When the problem reappeared, another fist blow, same result! The diagnosis was an issue with the speedometer output to the speed sensor resulting in transmission malfunction. More in the next reference! Becky & George


October 2020


APRILJENNW is still fighting their mechanical issue with their 1994 Ford Fleetwood Class C coach. The last Ford mechanic found the timing to be way off and corrected that. A test drive seemed to confirm it. They packed their coach and headed out on Saturday morning for the Flying J to top their fuel tank. After completing that task, they got about another 5 miles before the original power problem reared its ugly head and they came crawling back to SPAGHETTI'S ROOST at significantly reduced power. We were happy to see them again for all of the wrong reasons! Becky & George


September 2020


APRILJENNW has finally been granted a large reprieve to their power train problem A talented 40 year Ford mechanic was kind enough to disrupt his normal schedule at his garage to take pity of APRILJEENW and really dig into her problem at some expense to his regular customer's scheduled maintenance. He was able to largely correct the lack of power problem, thus enabling them to start for home with the reasonable assurance that their coach will make it easily, though with a slight occasional misfire. The relief that APRILJENNW feels is indescribable after what she has been through. Becky and I are glad that her problem has been largely solved, at least enough to get her home safely. They will be missed as they have become family around here! Becky & George


September 2020


APRILJENNW has gotten their new fuel pump completely installed with no improvement to their engine misfire issue. It is certainly not a waste as their beautifully restored Class C is 28 years old and that era Ford fuel pump has a bad reputation for poor performance, vapor locking, and failure. Preventative maintenance is always good! The next step is to get with a professional 40 year Ford mechanic this Tuesday and resolve the problem. At some point, you just have to admit that the problem is beyond your area of expertise! They have been a delight to HOST, with their cheerful demeanor and RV technical skills! We are not looking forward to their departure and they are encouraged to return. Becky & George


September 2020


APRILJENNW is just about finished with her submerged fuel pump replacement during which process the large RV fuel tank had to be emptied, lowered to the ground so that the new fuel pump could be installed, all rubber components and connectors replaced, then raised and reinstalled in positioned. Far more work than this old man could have undertaken even if I did know which end of the wrench to use!!! Look at the ladies in the picture and don't mess with them!! We are all rooting for them that this action solves their power problem! We had a similar problem with our 1993 Ford-powered Pace Arrow and a fuel pump replacement did, indeed, solve our issue. It seems that there was a fuel pump issue during that era of big Ford-powered coaches! Anyway, the end is in sight, hopefully! APRILJEEEW has been great and is welcome at SPAGHETTI'S ROOST anytime! Becky & George


September 2020


APRILJENNW has finally received the fuel pump needed for their coach and has installed the same with all of the issues attendant with such an installation after dropping the fuel tank; replacing the rubber hoses, hose clamps, o-rings, grommets, spacers & washers! She literally finished the job just as our first major winter storm of the season came bearing down upon us! 32 F last night at midnight! Now comes the REAL TEST! Will replacing the fuel pump, submerged in her fuel tank, solve her problem! My money, for her sake, is on YES! The kids begged to stay to see the snow of which we have a dusting this morning, but are forecast to receive 4" - 10" today. The kids will be thrilled. My money is on these folks as no job, nor problem is too daunting. Becky and I hope to see them back in the future. Becky & George


September 2020


APRILJENNW, The saga continues!! After their $400 Amazon package, supposedly containing their fuel pump, arrived containing a single spark plug, destined elsewhere, they shopped elsewhere. The fuel pump was to have been shipped Friday delivered Monday with a tracking number, while today is the following Wednesday, and still no tracking number, indicating non-shipment to date! The only bright spot in this saga is that they have had time to work on my RV's post hailstorm and scope out the area sights, such as a recent trip to the Saratoga, WY, hot springs! Our "squatters" as my wife lovingly calls them, are going to be missed when they finally affect the repairs to their coach. While they are welcome to return, with all the "bad juju" associated with Cheyenne, they may never darken our door again!! Becky & George


August 2020


APRILJENNW is one of the luckiest things to have happened to us! Since their forced mechanical delay at SPAGHETTI'S ROOST, we have been the beneficiary of their RV technical expertise as they have worked on our hail impacted RV's. I wish that I could say the same for their luck in sourcing parts to repair their issue. Today, an Amazon package arrived for them, supposedly containing their new $400 fuel pump. When opened, it in fact contained a single spark plug, hardly expected and nowhere near worth $400. After several hours of wrangling over the phone, credits were issued and new parts ordered, however their RV still sat immobile in its parking spot. We still are fortunate for their presence, thou my wife is now jokingly referring to them as our "squatters". Fortunately, they have a great sense of humor regarding their ongoing repair saga and hope to be back on the road soon. We will miss them! Becky & George


August 2020


APRILJENNW, after 4 days of very painful salmonella poisoning illness, is approaching the end of the RV mechanical issues tunnel, they hope! After much differing diagnosis, they have had to drop their large RV fuel tank to replace a faltering, submerged fuel pump, which was diagnosed and hoped to be the issue. They will soon know! It has been an absolute pleasure to have them at SPAGHETTI'S ROOST, not only for their comportment as GUESTS but for their RV repair expertise in the aftermath of one of the most severe hail storms that we have experienced in our 20 years on-site. No BOONDOCKER'S HOST should have any reservations about HOSTING them. They are welcome here whenever! Becky & George


August 2020


APRILJENNW has been fighting an RV mechanical issue for some time now and it is time that they caught a break!! However, in the meantime, it has been a delight and to our benefit to have their expertise around as we try to recover our RV's from a massive hailstorm that swept through here on July 21. They have been very helpful to us as we work insurance issues and we have been able to employ their services as mobile RV technicians as we recover from the storm. We are happy to provide them a "safe haven" as they try to resolve their own issues while we benefit from their presence. Most welcome at SPAGHETTI'S ROOST! Becky & George


August 2020


APRILJENNW is now an honorary member of the family, whether they like it or not! While they have been waiting for the mechanical repairs to their Class C, they have been more than helpful to us and our BOONDOCKER GUESTS using their RV Technician skills to help us with our hail damage from 3 weeks ago and our GUESTS with a myriad of their RV issues! RV's don't have issues, do they? Anyway, it has been a joy to have them here and they are welcome until they can't stand us any longer! Becky & George


August 2020

Would have,Could have

We reserved the spot but so much so different with the Covid, guests had to change dates,and then did not make it. Maybe another time.


August 2020


APRILJENNW has been a help around here as they wait for their RV engine maintenance appointment. They were kind enough to put their RV Technician skills to use and straightened my main floor, hail damaged air conditioner fins so that they look better than new. WOW! They have never looked that good! They have been touring the local area and were talking about a day trip up to Mt. Rushmore (about a 4-hour drive). Don't know if they were able to make that one, but they certainly have been low maintenance around here! They are most welcome to return! Becky & George


August 2020


APRILJENNW is a very nice family, the Mother, and daughter of whom are certified RV technicians and inspectors. Unfortunately for them, they arrived here with some power train problems of their own and are going to have to extend their stay in order to effect some repairs with my personal, local auto service mechanic. The fact that we just had a severe hailstorm with 2" hail a week before their arrival, coupled with the fact that their own repair is delayed by a short period, they have generously offered to provide insurance repair estimates for my 2 RV's (Class A and a truck camper) and to perform some of the work at very reasonable rates as their time permits. They are very pleasant, helpful and a delight to HOST. They are most welcome to return to SPAGHETTI'S ROOST! Becky & George


July 2020

They'll Fix Your RV!

Enjoyed our visit. A cornucopia of RV knowledge. Very quiet and hardly knew they were there! Safe travels on the road


July 2020

Loved having them!

Apriljennw‘s family we’re a joy to have at our home. We had coffee and conversation on the deck and thoroughly enjoyed visiting. We’d love to see them on a regular basis, and they very welcome here anytime! Miss them already!


May 2020

nice people

welcome back any time they come through


May 2020

Great People, Adaptable When Plans Change

As I eagerly prepared to welcome these travelers, fate intervened on the morning they were leaving to come my direction to stay in my guest parking area for the night. Unexpectedly they encountered a tire problem that took longer than expected, and there was no doubt they would be unable to arrive at my home at the expected time. However, they have a standing invitation to come back and boondock with me at any time! They were so thoughtful and were so considerate in a very timely manner. When they ran into an unexpected long delay with a tire problem, they let me know immediately that the problem with getting their tires fixed would greatly delay their departure, and would cause them to have to travel way too many hours into the night to reach my house for their scheduled stay with me. They were so thoughtful and kind to let me know about the necessary change in their plans, so that I would know they were detained, and would be unable to reach my home in a safe and timely manner, which allowed me to go on about my plans without worrying about their arrival.
I immediately let them know that they would be most welcome to come stay with me anytime in the future, because it was obvious they were thoughtful and caring guests!! They had been so thoughtful and so timely in letting me know about their unexpected tire repair problem that I experienced no inconvience by their necessary cancellation!! I truly hope they will come my way in the future, and I will have another opportunity to meet them!! It's obvious they will be thoughtful and caring guests, ........and I am hoping for another chance to be their host in some future adventure!!!


March 2020

welcome back anytime.

These are interesting times, trying to maintain a "social distance" while traveling can be difficult. The trips one remembers are usually the ones where things go south. These folks have it together, traveling in a 25 yr old RV can be an adventure.
Ya'll come back when you can stay a while.


March 2020

Glad we were able to host

We were happy to be able to provide a safe, peaceful place for this family of four.
They were very considerate. Hopefully they will return after the virus issue is resolved and they can have a proper visit around the campfire.


February 2020

Nice people

Enjoyed hosting these folks quite and respectful of my property welcome back anytime


February 2019

Wonderful Guests!

They were originally going to arrive the day before but as all RV'ers know, things happen. Great communications and a great family. Welcome back anytime. Wishing them safe travels.