Answering any questions about how membership works.

What's the cost to join?

There's no cost to join as a host. If you can offer overnight RV parking, even just for a small camper van, you may join as a host. You'll earn 3 months of guest privileges for every guest who stays with you, and you can activate these (3 months at a time) whenever you choose - usually when you're ready to travel yourself. Hosts who have not yet accumulated credits can purchase a 1-year guest privileges subscription at half price.

A guest privileges subscription is required to contact and stay with hosts. The annual fee is less than a single night in a campground. See our page with details on becoming a guest for pricing.

I have property to share but can't host anyone for the next few months. Can I still register as a host member?

As long as you currently have a property that you can describe on your profile, you may join as a host and restrict the availability until you're ready to receive guests. If your situation changes, you can update that calendar any time.

Is Boondockers Welcome only for RVers?

To use guest privileges on the site you must be traveling in a self-contained RV, with all functions of living, especially including toilet facilities available inside the RV.

Most hosts are also RVers, but others join for a variety of reasons: They may be considering buying an RV, retired from RVing, enjoy meeting and introducing travelers to their region, have a property they enjoy sharing, enjoy hearing traveler's stories, or own a small business and, like Walmart, hope to gain a customer.

May I use the site as a traveler if I don't have an RV? What about a tent or a tent trailer?

Guests must be traveling with a self-contained RV to use our site. If you plan on tent-camping or sleeping in your car, this club is not for you. Travelers need to be able to function entirely inside the RV, and not need to set up cooking or sanitation stations outside.

The RV must have on-board sanitary facilities, including a toilet system and holding tank. Hosts provide a parking spot, not access to their home. Whether your RV is manufactured or home-made, this is a condition of eligibility.

In an urban setting, hosts may be concerned about neighbours and appearances as well. Tent trailers may be rejected by some hosts for this reason even if they meet the above qualifications of an RV.

Can I join to find a place to stay while I work in the area?

Although some hosts don't mind providing parking for the first night you arrive in their area and perhaps recommending a campground, others may turn down your request. If you are seeking accommodation while in the area to earn a living, please look for another alternative than our hosts.

I operate a small campground. Can I list it as a host location on this web site?

Yes, as long as you let members camp for free for at least one night with no requirement to stay longer or purchase additional services. You may ask to be compensated for electric (maximum $10 per night if they use it) but must offer a dry-camping option for free.

This is a great way to introduce travellers to your property. If you like, you can limit availability and get requests only for the dates you want: perhaps low season or weekdays. You can also screen each guest's profile before deciding whether to accept their request.

May I join as a host and list a public location near me where I know RV parking is permitted?

No. This site is only for locations on private property - ones that are privately owned or controlled by the members who list them. Feel free to share that information on our forums or on several other web sites intended for sharing such discoveries.