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What is boondocking?

Boondocking (or dry camping) refers to staying in an RV in a remote location without being hooked up to water, power, or sewer. Most RVers spend at least some nights parked without hook-ups, if only while traveling between destinations. Parking overnight at a truck stop, rest area, or Walmart parking lot is common. This is sometimes referred to as "blacktop boondocking."

Isn't it a security risk to have my host location listed online?

All host locations shown are generalized to a random location within a few miles of the actual address. No exact addresses or directions are exposed. These are shared with a guest only after the host has accepted their stay request through the web site. Real names and phone numbers are also shared between the host and guest at that time, providing increased transparency and security.

Profiles are public and can be viewed by anyone online. Hosts should avoid including a description, directions, address, or photos on their profile that would make their exact location obvious.

Are there rules of etiquette for members?

Yes. They're basic common courtesy but here are some reminders:

As a Host:

Please respond to all stay requests promptly whether or not you can accept them. If you cannot accommodate them, that's fine. Just let them know so they can make alternate plans. We monitor your response rate. If it falls below 50% you will be sent a warning, and if it falls below 25%, your location will be deactivated and cannot be reactivated until you've contacted us to discuss it.

As a Guest:

Our hosts offer free parking as a courtesy, which should never be taken for granted. Those in popular locations cannot accept every request; please treat them like gold should you be lucky enough to have yours accepted.

As RVers:

We all know that plans often change when we're on the road. But once a host accepts and you've set up a scheduled stay, please treat it as you would a reservation you've paid for. Make every attempt to follow through. Don't leave a host wondering. If you need to change your arrival time or cancel altogether, let them know as soon as possible.

After a stay, please submit a referral for your host or your guest promptly. These will help fellow members make decisions. Feel free to leave a negative review as long as you confine it to the facts; be polite but honest. If not, we may edit or delete it. There is also a section in the review form to leave private feedback visible only to the site administrators. Feel free to use this to let us know of issues that you don't wish to share publicly.

If you've had a bad experience, please report it to us immediately using the contact form.

How do you handle complaints against a member?

We take all complaints seriously and will cancel website privileges, if necessary. Our policy is: first complaint, we'll make a note; second complaint, issue a warning; and third complaint, revoke guest privileges. This policy is intended to protect the identity of the complainant. We reserve the right to cancel privileges without disclosing the exact details of a complaint or reveal who initiated it.