How It Works

Create a User Profile

After joining, fill in a brief profile about yourself, including photos if you wish. Potential hosts will likely look at this after you contact them, so try to share a bit about yourself without divulging any sensitive personal data. Tell others about your past travels, your favourite spots, your life before RVing; whatever you want to share that gives members an idea of who you are.

Add Host Details

If you sign up as a host, add information about your location, including size and availability restrictions. Maybe you can't offer a parking spot for a full size RV but, if you have parking for an additional car, consider offering boondocking for those with a small RV - a Class B or truck camper. It's okay if you're unavailable for parts of the year; most of our hosts travel themselves part-time. You do not need to provide any services (although they're always appreciated), just a parking spot on property that you control. Only your general location (city and/or zipcode) is made available to member searches.

Even if you cannot host (perhaps you live in an apartment building or in your RV and travel full-time), you can still join. Many seasonal RVers are wishfully curious and happy to host your stay in order to hear about your adventures in the full-timing lifestyle.

Search the Listings

When you're travelling, search the listings for a host that is near your planned route. Being a bit flexible with your route will give you many more options. You can search within a radius around a particular area, or just look at the map of all our locations and see what tickles your fancy.

Read the details of the hosts that are on your route, including the size of the rig they can accommodate, their general availability, and recommendations from other RVers. See what sort of services they can provide (many have electric hookups, some even have RV dumps) and what uses are welcome on site (some have space for slide-outs and barbecues, others are more limited in space).

Contact Hosts

Once you've found a few potential hosts that look like they'll fit your needs, send them a message through our secure messaging system, letting them know the dates you're looking for. All messages sent through our site will result in an email notification to the member, letting them know that they have a new message waiting on the site.

Respond to Requests

When a host receives a request to accommodate a fellow member, they should respond in a timely manner indicating if they are able to host on the requested dates. Hosts can check the profile of the requesting member, including recommendations from other members.

It is always up to you to decide if you want to host a Boondockers Welcome member traveling through your area or not, but we request that you always respond so that members can make plans. If a host agrees to accommodate another member, then they are free to share their phone number, personal email address, and exact driving directions to their location. These details are never revealed to other members by our site directly, only if you choose to share them in a message.

Enjoy Your Stay

Once a host has accepted your request to stay and you have all the necessary driving directions, you will be able to arrive at their location knowing you have a safe, legal, free place to stop for the night. Please respect your hosts privacy; some may be extremely friendly and invite you in for a drink, some may be busy and just have time to point you to your spot for the night. Do not overstay your welcome, most hosts only expect guests to stay for 1-3 nights. Be thankful, polite and respectful of their property.

At the end of your stay, consider leaving a token gift - something small, but appropriate. If the host has offered an electric or water hook-up, offering a small amount of cash to cover their costs is always appreciated.

Leave a Recommendation

After you've bid adieu to your guests or your host, please share your experience! Leave a recommendation for your host or your guest on their profile page. This is a great way to thank your host, as every 3 recommendations a member earns for hosting will provide them with a free year of membership.

If, by any chance, you had a negative experience, please contact us immediately with the details. We will take appropriate action and terminate memberships if necessary.