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On this web site you can contact people from all corners of the world who love RVing, boondocking, and traveling on a budget.

In North America in particular, many of us seek out Walmart stores, truck stops, and casinos for free overnight parking on route to our destinations. While we will likely continue to use these businesses, what would it be like to be welcomed by thousands of fellow RVers to spend the night parked on their private property instead?

Who operates the Boondockers Welcome web site?

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Marianne Edwards
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Anna Maste
Hi, I'm Marianne Edwards. After twelve years of boondocking RV travel and welcoming fellow RVers to spend a night on our property in Ontario, Canada, it occurred to me that establishing a network of like-minded RVers would be a great idea.

My daughter, Anna Maste, provides the technical brains behind this web site. Together, we hope to facilitate lasting friendships and driveway-parking invitations between RVers across North America and all over the world - giving you an easy way to meet and connect with fellow RVers along any route you may travel in your RV.

Like most of us in the RV community, my husband and I have invited countless RVers who we met on our travels to stop by and visit us in our hometown. In return, we've been invited to stop in if we're passing through their neck of the woods. It has always amazed us how natural it feels to extend such invitations even though, sometimes, we've just barely met through a brief conversation. Of course this is probably because hosting fellow boondockers is so easy - there's no need to clean the bathroom, make up the guest bed, or plan meals - RVers are always self-sufficient guests!

Wouldn't it be great to know fellow RVers in every part of the country? No matter what route we choose, we could arrange free overnight parking with friends all the way to our destination. More than just a safe place to park overnight, we might even begin amazing new friendships, include a bit of social time, and find out about the "must-sees" of the area. Who better than locals to hand us maps and tourist brochures and point out the hidden gems, favorite hikes, best restaurant, or cheapest fuel price?

No matter how we meet - on the road or through this club - whenever we're not traveling ourselves, Randy and I welcome you to boondock on our property for a night or two while you explore Elora, one of southern Ontario's prettiest towns.

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