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Top 9 reasons to buy a fifth wheel for full-time RV living
Top 9 reasons to buy a fifth wheel for full-time RV living

Are you thinking of buying a 5th Wheel? Are you debating between a fifth wheel and a travel trailer, or maybe even a motorhome? One of our members and blog contributors, Jack Huber, went through the process of deciding what to buy and details the top 9 reasons why he chose a fifth wheel for his rig.

1. Superior towing
2. Living space
3. More camping stability
4. Basement storage
5. No toad
6. Purchase Price
7. Cost of Operation
8. Access to smaller campgrounds
9. Major vehicle issues cause less living consequences

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Too Many Newsletters? Which Ones To Keep?

To keep current with the news about RVing, there’s nothing like a regular newsletter.  If you’re like most people though, you’ve probably subscribed to more than you actually have time to read. You know you can unsubscribe, but you don’t because you fully intend to find the time to read them – later. Meanwhile, they clutter up your inbox.

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A Scary Boondocking Story

Years ago, on our first RV trip, we found ourselves boondocking on BLM land in Arizona in a place that fits the description, “the middle of nowhere”. The story of what happened there is one I’ve often repeated since – whenever we’re asked if we've feared for our safety or had any bad experiences when camped so far from civilization.

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Gezelligheid - We all Want it!

A few years ago, while visiting one of my 80 first cousins in Holland, I found out her husband had just returned from a two-week RV trip in Canada with his adult son. With so many cousins, we often have overseas relatives come to Ontario to visit, but their trip had a different purpose. They wanted a unique father-son adventure.