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Working Towards Inclusion for People of Color

The Boondockers Welcome community has always been built on curiosity and generosity. Our members are curious about the world and want to experience it either by traveling, or having the world come to their door. And our hosts prove their generosity time and again, welcoming strangers to their property who then leave as friends.

But it is important for us to recognize that RVing has not traditionally been a very diverse pastime. The vast majority of RVers are white. But the joys that RVing can bring are just as relevant to people of color. Being able to travel in comfort with those you love and see the vast beauty of North America is something that should be accessible to everyone, without fear of discrimination or mistreatment based on the color of your skin.

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COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Campgrounds and parks are starting to open up and we realize that recreational travel is beginning in some areas. The health and safety of our members is, and always will be, our top priority especially during the pandemic. As such, we have implemented a few guidelines, for both hosts and guests, to ensure everyone is staying safe yet still having fun and enjoying each other.

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Why This Full-Time RVer is Buying Land

This week's article is brought to you by Becca Borawski Jenkins (a former Boondockers Welcome guest and a soon-to-be new host). Becca is an editor at FinanceBuzz and also happens to be a full-time RVer. She has lots of financial advice for other RVers but in this article, she's going to explain why she and her husband have started buying land.

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Tips to Prevent Moisture and Mold in Your RV

If you've traveled in your rig for an extended amount of time, you know moisture can definitely be an issue. It's especially an issue in very humid areas as well as during winter when it's cold outside and warm inside (hello water-drenched windows, ugh!). We've got a few tips that might help with your moisture issue, all have been tested and have definitely helped.

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