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Join other Boondockers Welcome members at RVillage Rally 2.0!

The most fun you'll ever have camping at a Rally just got even cheaper. The folks at RVillage are offering us an exclusive $50 discount off tickets for their upcoming Rally 2.0 taking place March 27 through 31 at the Suwannee Music Park and Campground in Live Oak, Florida!

Just because this Rally takes place at a campground doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your boondocking experiences. There are still sites available and the RVillage Team will guarantee that the boondocking section will be the most fun area of the entire Rally. 

We all love boondocking - even Curtis Coleman, RVillage Founder and CEO. He says he'll be boondocking with us!  It will be a great opportunity to spend some quality off-the-grid time with Curtis and our friends at RVillage and by far the best way to experience a Rally.

In addition to sharing fun times with RVillage and Boondockers Welcome members, this Rally has lots to offer. Each evening, the Firebirds – giant hand forged steel fire sculptures -- will light up the park, and It’s a great time to meet others, share your stories and reflect on the day’s activities. They’ll have professional entertainment each evening, including a special show featuring none other than the New Christy Minstrels – the group we all watched on Hootenanny back in the 70s! RVillage is also bringing in some outstanding seminar speakers as well as hosting discussion groups where you can share your RVing experiences.  

If you’re new to boondocking, this is the place to learn. There will be at least one social gathering each day in the boondocking area where you'll be able to meet seasoned veterans who are happy to share their knowledge. As a Boondockers Welcome member, you might enjoy telling others what being a host or guest has been like. If you'd like to take a turn in the Genius Bar answering questions, please contact us. We'll love you for it (and reward you, too!) If you’re still on the fence about joining BW, it’s the perfect place to ask questions and get honest answers from RVers just like you who have used our platform.

Come join the “wild side” of the RVillage Rally -- we know you’ll have a boondocking good time, be able to connect with other boondockers, learn from each other, and forge some great new relationships.

Five Days and 4 nights of fun and camping for $199.00

Go to the RVillage Rally tickets page and choose “Boondocking No Hookups” and use the coupon code BDW50 to make the ticket price $199.99 for one rig and a single person, or $229.99 for one rig and a couple. And you’ll have access to everything that goes on during the rally. (BTW -- the discount code will work for non-BW members too.)  

After you register make sure to head to our Facebook Group and touch base with some other members who will be there too - it's never too early to start making friends and plans!


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