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All your Boondockers Welcome questions, answered!

This past May, Boondockers Welcome was invited to sponsor one of four "villages" at the inaugural RVillage Rally in Elkhart, Indiana. Members Larry and Rose Ann, amazing Boondockers Welcome members and ambassadors, attended the rally to host this wonderful seminar where panelists answered questions about boondocking in general, and Boondockers Welcome in particular. It's a long video, but a great way to get a real in-depth understanding about why our members, both guests and hosts, are so incredibly passionate about Boondockers Welcome, and why people say that it's actually changed their lives!

In case you're wondering who the panel members in the video are, they're all volunteers we solicited from those attending the rally. We did not ask them for testimonials, only to speak about their personal experiences boondocking in general and using the Boondockers Welcome platform, whether good or bad, as hosts, guests, or both. 

The panel members: 
Bonnie Hilberer (Michigan)
Lauri Bennett  (Pennsylvania)
Bernie & Emily Ringwald (Indiana)
Sherry Johnston (Full time RVer)
Ellen and Scott Bates (Ontario)
Mike and Penny Benzon (Florida)
Dave McKenna (not a BW member but well known in RVing circles as an expert on all things boondocking.)

An extra special thank you, again, to Larry and Rose Ann Hunter for moderating, and to Frank Hilberer who thoughtfully, and without being asked to, decided to take this video and send it to us. Once again, the generous nature of our membership amazes us. It no longer surprises us, but it absolutely keeps inspiring us. 

A shout out, too, to Curtis Coleman, RVillage Founder, for inviting us to participate. This is also a perfect time to announce that the date for RVillage Rally Two  was recently announced. It's March 27 -31, 2019 in Live Oak, Florida. Registration is filling fast and, if last year's event is any indication, it will be a ton of fun. Register early to be sure you're part of it! 


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    OK. I am new to site. I just made a "favorite " designation on a host. How do I see my list of "favorites" ( if there is one?)
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    I am also new to this site.. Hope I will enjoy here.
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    <a href="" target="_blank">RVillage Rally Two</a> <a href="">google</a>
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