How Does It Work?

Scan through the listings by area and, if you have a route planned, zero in on available boondocking nearby.

You can check to see availability dates and read comments and references from other RVers. Once you have signed up to become a member yourself, you can make contact with fellow members.

All messaging is done securely through the website. When a fellow member sends you a message, we send you an email notice to check in for messages. At that time, you can check the profile of the person who has contacted you. Please reply to the message whether or not you can accommodate them. You don't have to share your full name, email address, physical address, or phone number until you've agreed to host this traveler. It is always up to you to decide if you want to host a Boondockers Welcome member traveling through your area or not.

Boondocking Availability

Maybe you can't offer a parking spot for a full size RV but, if you have parking for an additional car, consider offering boondocking for those with a small RV - a Class B or truck camper. Even if you cannot provide any parking (perhaps you live in an apartment building or in your RV and travel full-time), you can still join and benefit by parking on other members' properties. Many seasonal RVers are wishfully curious and happy to host your stay in order to hear about your adventures in the full-timing lifestyle.

As A Host

You can decide whether to extend the invitation to share a coffee or get to know each other better. If all you want to do (or have time for) is a quick "hello" while you give parking instructions, that's fine too. Keeping a supply of local maps and tourist brochures (available from your local Chamber of Commerce) to pass out to guests is an easy and nice welcoming touch. Even better, make up and photocopy your own "favorite local haunts" list to hand out. Boondockers are usually looking for the best "value" so be sure to pass on your suggestions in that regard.

As A Guest

Be sure to express your gratitude - especially if you can't offer a boondocking site in return. Consider leaving a token gift - something small but appropriate. For lack of a better idea, you could keep a supply of Starbucks or Tim Horton's coffee gift certificates on hand to tuck into a thank you note.

Both guests and hosts should expect to be "non-imposing."

After Being A Guest Or A Host

If you enjoyed the experience, we hope you'll return to the website and post a recommendation on the profile page of the fellow member you just met. This will vouch for and provide a reference for them. If, by any chance, you had a negative experience, please immediately contact us with the details. We will take appropriate action and terminate memberships if necessary.

Also, please report any frustrations you may have with the web site by contacting us. We are striving hard to make as easy to use as possible.